154 Rebekah Meitzler - Kutztown,Pennsylvania USA
153 Paul and Joe - Stuttgart, Germany
A BMW 3series had a terrible accident
152 Paul and Joe - Stuttgart, Germany
JFK visiting Stuttgart (1963). Here on his way downtown with his Pullman Mercedes
151 Paul and Joe - Stuttgart, Germany
Having lunch with German Chancellor Adenauer
150 Paul and Joe - Stuttgart, Germany
Leaving the palace
149 Paul and Joe - Stuttgart, Germany
Waving to people walking by. But with all the things happening in this big big city, people don't seem to be interested very much
148 Rebekah Meitzler - Kutztown,Pennsylvania USA
getting gas with my mini
147 Karina - Detroit,Michigan USA
We were watching sound of music, and fish and chips came by ( number 118) and parked his butt next to doe or was it ray..
146 Phil Nichols - Sheffield, UK
It is a GIF but I am sure we can make an exception ?

This will be is the only gif addmitted to parking spots (DK)
145 Junnie Arreza - Ortigas, Philippines
Formula 1 fever starts this week. But why is Michael Schumacher in the Philippines? I just saw his car parked in our office garage?
144 John Sickel - Bromley, UK
This is my new run down looking house, can you guess?
is the Messecschmitt KR 200 real or the Frontera?
143 Paul & Joe - Stuttgart, Germany
An ordinary day on the german Autobahn...
Parking spot is a collection of photos of toy cars next to real cars.