167 Chris Hill - Sheffield, UK
Blue Meanie Parks Up.
166 Rob Carlson - Hunt Valley,Maryland USA
165 Nathan Hartman - Seattle,Washington USA
Don't mess with the orange Tonka!
164 Hans - Gothenburg, Sweden
This piece of wood was found just a few meters from the pictured spot. What it is I cannot say. A toy car, perhaps a model of the buggy?
163 Kimberly Sayeed - Austin,Texas USA
Scenic drive becomes dangerous when Ms. Pimp runs into an oversized mountain cat finishing its kill.
162 Kimberly Sayeed - Austin,Texas USA
Ms. Pimp behind Ms. Ford (the real texan)
161 Craig Giffen - nowhere,south Australia
I just finished bicycling all the way around Australia. This car I found on the side of the road and took the picture a couple km later. This is east of the Nullabor Roadhouse in South Australia. This is on the big stretch of road across the bottom of
160 Kees Fopma - Breukelen, Netherlands
Somehow my Mini 25 gets fuzzier with age
159 Paul and Joe - Stuttgart, Germany
A Plymouth Roadrunner parking at the airport
158 Kimberly Sayeed - Austin,Texas USA
Kimberly's Pimpmobile at the crib
157 Kimberly Sayeed - Austin,Texas USA
156 Stan Rifken - New York,New York USA
Parking spot is a collection of photos of toy cars next to real cars.