175 J Cooper - Chicago,Illinois USA
flat tire
174 J Cooper - Chicago,Illinois USA
tow truck
173 J Cooper - Chicago,Illinois USA
drive thru
172 ChrisTopher Crowder - Detroit,Michigan USA
Outside my widow here in Detroit.
171 Alan Stein - Seattle,Washington USA
Armored tank on SR 520
170 Alan Stein - Seattle,Washington USA
Armored tank in downtown Seattle
169 Chris Hill - Sheffield, UK
The Spy Who Loved To Park.
168 Chris Hill - Sheffield, UK
Look no strings.
167 Chris Hill - Sheffield, UK
Blue Meanie Parks Up.
166 Rob Carlson - Hunt Valley,Maryland USA
165 Nathan Hartman - Seattle,Washington USA
Don't mess with the orange Tonka!
164 Hans - Gothenburg, Sweden
This piece of wood was found just a few meters from the pictured spot. What it is I cannot say. A toy car, perhaps a model of the buggy?
Parking spot is a collection of photos of toy cars next to real cars.