197 David - Vrese, Italy
This picture is my car (the green one) in my garden near to an "isotta Fraschini", an ancient very fashioneted italian car.
196 ruud waij - Rijswijk, Netherlands
This used to be such a quiet neighbourhood.

This was the trick
195 ruud waij - Rijswijk, Netherlands
After photographing my cars, I ate them.
194 Uwe Dunder - Frankfurt, Germany
The old blue Volkswagen Polo is mine, its the best car I've ever had (its my first one)
193 Uwe Dunder - Frankfurt, Germany
The little mcc smart (made by Daimler Chrysler in Hambach, France) is bigger than it seems to look like, when you are inside.
192 imn - Oslo, Norway
a 206WRC dropped by our house :-P
191 ruud waij - Rijswijk, Netherlands
Oh no! An abandoned steam roller in the middle of road!
190 ruud waij - Rijswijk, Netherlands
My favorite car: the Mic-o-Mic one-seater
189 ruud waij - Rijswijk, Netherlands
I may borrow my mother's bike if I promise to be really careful with it.
188 Ildernet - Camas, Spain
Los Bomberos!!!
187 Ildernet - Camas, Spain
Yesterday afternoon i took this photo. It's obvius, Speed was recorded near to my house.
186 Chris Stever - Somerville,Massachusetts USA
A turtle on a subaru on Simpson Avenue
Parking spot is a collection of photos of toy cars next to real cars.