067 Bryn H - Cardiff,Wales UK
Finding a parking space for my yellow diablo was always easy!
066 Juan Ariza - Madrid, Spain
mi carrera4 destino al casca
065 Roberto Wespi - Caracas, Venezuela
Inside my Red Ferrari GTO waiting for a good parking place, and looking a nice girl. By the way, the red car down is my real car :)
064 Roberto Wespi - Caracas, Venezuela
On my Way... ready to burn some tires on hell !!!!
063 Roberto Wespi - Caracas, Venezuela
Cheking Tires. Parked and outside my Red Ferrari GTO.
062 Juan Ariza - Madrid, Spain
Batcar light
061 Juan Ariza - Madrid, Spain
060 Brenden - New York,New York USA
Here's a shot of the intersection of 6th Avenue and West 3rd Street, Manhattan. I've been wondering what to do with this car for years.
059 Holajed - Brisbane, Australia
big truck, little truck - a lomo view
058 Alan Stein - Seattle,Washington USA
View from our office overlooking Westlake Park
057 John G. - Charleston,South Carolina USA
T-Bird vs Mustang
056 Alex a. - Brisbane, Australia
Back to work...
Parking spot is a collection of photos of toy cars next to real cars.