1. Shoot a toy car next to a real one
  2. Make the toy car look like a real car by having it seem to be the same size
  3. look at the pictures in the gallery to get the idea
  4. Take the picture.
  5. Have your method of holdnig the small car in place be visible. In other words let the people see your hand,tripod or a rail.
  6. Make your image a 300 by 225 JPG.
  7. Send it to dubster2k@gmail.com
  8. Include your name, url if you have one and where the picture was taken (country and city)
  9. Include a short description too.
  10. Once your picture is up on the page, there will be a link to your site.
  11. Impress your friends.
Parking spot is a collection of photos of toy cars next to real cars.