• The Obamafy Photo Booth plugin emulates a popular poster by Shepard Fairey.
    the plugin was made by Dubi Kaufmann as an exercise in pop culture and is not part of any campaign nor it is an endorsement for either candidate. The software is free and I ask that you acknowledge me (Dubi Kaufmann) if you build on it. The plugin works only on macs running OS X 10.5 Leopard. There are no plans for a PC or a Tiger version.
    Send your feedback and your Obamafied cat pet photos to Dubster2k{at}yahoo~dot~com.
  • Download
  • 89283 Downloads Since 10-29-2008

    Download - Obamafy.zip

  • How to install
    • Download the compressed file Obamafy.zip and expand it.
    • Copy the file Obamafy.qtz to /Library/Compositions.
    • if you are running macosx osx 10.6 Snow Leopard change the mode in which Photo Booth will run to 32-bit mode. right click or control click on Photo Booth and in the information window check Open in 32-bit mode box
    • Start Photo Booth and enjoy the Obamafy plugin.
    • Impress your friends. see some examples on flickr
    • Questions? try the FAQ
  • Cat Pet Photos sent in by users (your pet here)
    • Jacob basham
    • esthers dog
    • yesternova
    • fred

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