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phlogs for a lack of a better term (or not) are blogs that have photos of dogs. I don’t have a dog and I’d love to have one once I’ll live in an apartment with a balcony or house with a yard. I follow a feed with photos of several dogs to fill the void.

These are are my vicarious dogs.

Little Carmella on instagram  I follow Carmela because I met her in person when my friend Omid brought her to work.

Maddie from Maddie on things. 

Walter and Lew on flickr. if dogs had a natural environment, these dogs are there.

APB for OGI 5209 Titanium Black.

My lovely glasses got mangled at karate class they were knocked of my face and I foolishly stepped on them. I bought new glasses but they don’t fit me as well as the old ones. I searched for them but everywhere i looked they are sold out. Any help finding this frame is appreciated. It does not have to be black.

UPDATE: Found them. it was easier then i thought. Brick and mortar retailers won.  I found the glasses at Wear Eyewear on 750 N Franklin.

Sir John Lithgow

Nation, it is not a secret that am a big fan of the Colbert report. As a matter of fact I professed that fandom in a form of a graphic. There is a comment in clip below that made me laugh very hard, Stephen Colbert is referring to the actor John Lithgow as sir John Lithgow. I like the fact that writers of the show choose to knight him because it worked well with the comic bit.

Last week the knighthood of a banker was stripped. He was not accused of a crime, He just made some bad business decisions that led to a loss of jobs. This odd incident reminded me of the clip above. For some reason in other times when John Lithgow was mentioned in the colbert report he was not referred to as Sir which made me sad. I think it fits with the shows hyper patriotic sentiment to mock the English monarchy. I wonder why the writers did not call him sir again. My wild guess is that John Lithgow objected. Why do I think that? Gut feeling.

Is the pen mightier than the shoe?

By now everybody has probably seen video of the Iraqi reporter throwing his shoes at President Bush. The spoofs of the incident were quick to follow but this post is not about that. I think the incident raised several questions that were ignored by the media (or at least the media I consume).

First of all, the reporter had an opportunity to ask Bush a really tough question but he chose a primitive act instead. Is he a real brute? Did he throw his shoes because he could not throw a bomb?

I don’t know the answers to those questions but I’ll make this statement: If this “reporter” is going to continue to have a career in mass media, it should be as a host of a daytime talk show like The Jerry Springer Show. He already has the right kind of audience.
springer fight

Spam from China

I got some spam from a Chinese domain asking me to buy some of their no-good goods. Before I deleted the message I composed a reply that I never sent:

Thank you for sending me the encoded list of Military instillation and the list of dissident code names. Silly me, at first I thought it was just another sales solicitation.

Be strong and never forget the spirit of the Tiananmen Square struggle.

Your friend from America

I was tempted to hit the send button but I stopped because I did not want anyone to be tortured. Torture is too much, even for sending spam.


Just got back from the hospital. I had a little eye emergency. A piece of metallic paint got lodged in my eye as I was cycling. I spent five hours at the emergency room with about 25 minutes of actual care.

What did I learn? Take the laptop with you when you go to the emergency room. To pass the time they have a television with WWF wrestling which is both an insult to your intelligence and an insult to injury.

My eye is fine. The piece was only about 2 by 4 pixels big but it felt like a two-by-four.

Thank you, Doctor Hallock.