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APB for OGI 5209 Titanium Black.

My lovely glasses got mangled at karate class they were knocked of my face and I foolishly stepped on them. I bought new glasses but they don’t fit me as well as the old ones. I searched for them but everywhere i looked they are sold out. Any help finding this frame is appreciated. It does not have to be black.

UPDATE: Found them. it was easier then i thought. Brick and mortar retailers won.  I found the glasses at Wear Eyewear on 750 N Franklin.

Is the pen mightier than the shoe?

By now everybody has probably seen video of the Iraqi reporter throwing his shoes at President Bush. The spoofs of the incident were quick to follow but this post is not about that. I think the incident raised several questions that were ignored by the media (or at least the media I consume).

First of all, the reporter had an opportunity to ask Bush a really tough question but he chose a primitive act instead. Is he a real brute? Did he throw his shoes because he could not throw a bomb?

I don’t know the answers to those questions but I’ll make this statement: If this “reporter” is going to continue to have a career in mass media, it should be as a host of a daytime talk show like The Jerry Springer Show. He already has the right kind of audience.
springer fight