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Digital Art Brut or How I spent my weekend

I saw this site where the number Pi (3.14) was used to generate music. Each digit was assigned a note. Obviously it sounded random. The number Pi is an irrational number. The digits after the decimal point do not form a pattern and they go on forever.

To do this I wrote a little JavaScript function that multiplies a very long number by 12. I took the string generated from running that function 600 times and put it in MS Excel. Not elegant but the quickest way to format the result into music xml. Then I used Xenoplay to convert it into midi. I used QuickTime Player Pro to make it into an AIFF and iTunes was used to encode as mp3.

If there was a quicker way, I’d like to know. At first I thought I could just use smil but I learned that smil is not very exportable. Also, I have yet to find out what causes the “hiss” when making midi into AIFF in QuickTime.(fixed that)

UPDATE better sound


I love avocado. Growing up I did not like it, but now that I am older and slightly wiser, I have seen the light. Living by myself allows me to experiment with the way I consume food without hearing, “This is gross,” or “You are eating X with Y!?” In my research I found a good and easy combination. I call it guacasabi.

  • cut an avocado in half
  • take the pit out
  • apply a thin layer of Wasabi and mash it in
  • eat
  • smile

The Coyote

A week or so ago, a coyote wandered into a sandwich shop in downtown Chicago about 6 blocks away from my house. It happened in midday. The coyote did not attack anyone; he just wanted to relax away from the bustle of the city.

The people in the sandwich shop locked the cash register and walked outside without disturbing the animal, who chilled inside the beverage cooler. Animal Control quickly showed up and took the coyote away. That was the end of the story.

Wait! Where did they take it? Is it injured? Nothing. The local news team were already into their 10 minutes coverage of the weather.

I wondered what had happened to the coyote until I came across a posting on a blog of a non-profit called Flint Creek. The blog has a wonderful picture of the coyote leaping out as it is being released into the wild.

Pan’s Labyrinth

I saw the movie Pan’s Labyrinth a couple of days ago. I recommend it. Usually I don’t like films with gore. In this film the gore made sense; it HAD to be there. The story takes place during the second world war and wars are not pretty. I can accept the gore in Welcome to Sarajevo, yet I think that gore for gore’s sake like what is found in the Hostel/Saw series is worse than pornography.

Back to Pan’s Labyrinth. One memorable aspect of the film is the music.

The theme song is very sentimental and maybe a little overused.

The theme is a lullaby that the mother of the main character sings to her. The song got stuck in my head and I thought about how catchy it is and how it cannot be used as a ringtone.

Or can it? So with the help of a keyboard and a program for midi, I created this.

You can download this to your phone by directing it to