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Found floor tile on a mound of debris next to a house that is renovated in Jerusalem. I took a photo of it. I did not know why at the time.

Yesterday I made this tiling simulator. Click on a tile to turn it 90 degrees. I remember as a kid in Jerusalem, going to places where the tiles were off or in a boring pattern and turning the tiles in my head to create new patterns.

To Russia with love

My contribution for a photo exhibition that will take place at the Gallery of Ural University in September 2007. The show is going to accompany two special screenings of the 59 Seconds Video Festival in Chelyabinsk and Ekaterinsburg. (Both in Russia.) The two screenings are going to be of U.S.-based artists only. Each artist was asked to submit a picture with the theme "America and 59".

I chose having 59 degrees because the Fahrenheit scale is used only in America.

Miranda July

A few weeks ago someone handed me a promotional three-day pass to a gym. I finally used it yesterday morning and was listening to a podcast as I was running. Studio 360 is a program about arts and culture from New York City Public Radio and the podcast is a great way to learn new things while doing something else.

As I was running, I listened to the following story by Miranda July. Miranda July is the director of the movie Me and You and Everyone We Know.

This story is from a collection of short stories she wrote. Working out is no longer boring. I love Public Radio.

One sculpture, two places

When Chase Bank renovated the first floor of the downtown branch, a new sculpture was added to the lobby that I recognized right away. The sculpture threw me years back to my childhood in Jerusalem hanging out in the sculpture garden at the Israel Museum. This is a coincidence that I choose to read as a good sign. What is left is to be as jolly at the bank as I used to be at the museum.
The sculpture is called “The Great Warrior of Montauban” and it was made by Emile Antoine Bourdelle. The detail I remember most is the stretched palm. I took the picture below when I noticed the sculpture in Chicago (November 2006). The picture above was taken last Friday when I was at the garden with my nephews. I came to the conclusion that if I frequent an art museum often enough, it can feel as if I own the art.

UPDATE: A Flickr search yielded the whereabouts of two other copies in Washington DC and in Egerville, France.

iPhone and the Boing Boing effect

I posted this image on my Flickr account on Friday the 29th, the day Apple’s iPhone went on sale.

To create this I took a publicity picture of an iPhone scaled and cropped it so it fits on my Motorola V330. I sent the image to my cell and made it the wallpaper. The picture was picked up by a popular blog called Boing Boing
and by the time these lines were written, 1509 people have seen this picture. It was only 76 this morning.

Inverted Atlantis – rejected

A rare stamp.

I intended to use it when I want to add extra impact to my snail mail. Unfortunately, rejected it because it “Emulates any form of valid indicia or payment for postage, or is a reproduction of any postage or stamp issued by the United States Postal Service at any time.” They have a point. I was paraphrasing a stamp issued by the USPS. Oh well. Back to the drawing board.

I have to say that I got the idea for postage as a means for branding from Techno Tribe. I do work for them from time to time and when they send their checks, the envelope always has old stamps on it. For example, the last check came in an envelope that had a 13 cent stamp issued for the Montreal Olympics of 1976.