Monthly Archives: September 2007

Attention readers in Yekaterinburg

LIX and the 59 Seconds Video Festival is playing Yekaterinburg this week. I don’t know when exactly but I know it will be at Southern Urals State University. At every screening of the 59 Seconds Video Festival, the audience chooses which movies they liked. The lineup of the next screening is then decided based on the votes. The screening in Yekaterinburg is going to be different because the lineup will consist of films by American filmmakers only. The screening was made possible by the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Consulate General in Yekaterinburg. I hope to win a heart or a mind for America.

That is not right!

English is not my first language nor my second. I can speak it and read it, apparently write in it too. (The medium is the message.) It is the idioms that get me. After going to see a baseball game for my first time, I felt that my vocabulary was enriched. I was familiar with idioms like “came out of left field“, “step up to the plate”, and “right off the bat”, but never confident enough to use them in a sentence. Now I do.

“Dead Presidents” is a slang term for paper money. It is a misnomer!

Alexander ($10) Hamilton was not a president, but a secretary of the Treasury.

The Ah-Ha! moment came when I was listening to Public Enemy.