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Type Nesting – The About page

I love I had an idea and I created a site for it really quickly. Picking the name for it was the hard part.

It all started with a photo I saw on Flickr a while ago. I marked it as a favorite. Recently I came across several different photos of a bird nesting inside a letter and so I wanted to see if there is a pattern.

One swallow does not make a summer but two made me Google it. A quick search in Flickr yielded many more than 30 photos and I choose the best ones.
type nesting

So far I can tell that birds clearly prefer to build their nests inside capital R’s and capital A’s.

UPDATE: If you see a photo that you think fits into Type Nesting, please send the URL to dubster2k{at}

Attention readers in NYC

My short film LIX is now part of the permanent collection of the 59 Seconds Video Festival. The first screening is scheduled in New York City at The Tank on May 9th at 9:30 p.m. at 354 West 45th Street.

All the other screenings of the festival were a competition where the audience voted on their favorite entries and now my film is in the final selection. To put it in reality TV terms, I’d say that I survived all the way to the last episode.