Monthly Archives: August 2009


On the weekend of July 25th I was part of a team that competed in The 48 Hour Film Project. The challenge was to make a short film in 48 hours that must include a given line of dialogue, a prop, and a character. Rob Hazan (East of Cairo) led the team and was the one with the vision. Our team won the prize for “Best Use of Line of Dialogue”.

I was part of the creative team and part of the post-production team. The anchor (David Sherman) in the video below was shot in front of green screen and I made it look like broadcast graphics in the limited time we had. I really enjoyed using Adobe After Effects, a program which I have not touched in years. A great thing about After Effects is the interface; it is so intuitive that getting back to it was like riding a bicycle.

Since it was a horror film, I made the scroll underneath the anchor be all bad news. The news items I made up were about a mass suicide in the International Space Station, Canada reinstating the guillotine as a means for capital punishment, and the death of the pandas in the national zoo as a result of a flash flood.

The complete film.