Monthly Archives: June 2010

Thoughts about milk crates

I needed a way to carry Bike Salute shirts with me to an event and I did not want to carry a big backpack. Looking around me at what people are using to haul stuff on their bikes, I noticed the prevalence of milk crates attached to bikes. I took some photos.

That sparked an idea. What if there were milk crates branded with cool brands like NPR or Chicagoland Bicycle Federation? If you don’t want to steal a crate, you can buy a generic one for $10 at The Container Store. The crate from The Container Store is not as sturdy as the ones from the dairies. The dairies pay $6 for their crates. I floated the idea at The Chainlink, a local cycling message board, and got some good feedback. I did some reading myself and concluded that if a non-profit wants to use branded milk crates as a fundraising tool they will have to find a way to cut the cost of shipping from the manufacturer.