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I love tumblr.com. I had an idea and I created a site for it really quickly. Picking the name for it was the hard part.

It all started with a photo I saw on Flickr a while ago. I marked it as a favorite. Recently I came across several different photos of a bird nesting inside a letter and so I wanted to see if there is a pattern.

One swallow does not make a summer but two made me Google it. A quick search in Flickr yielded many more than 30 photos and I choose the best ones.
type nesting

So far I can tell that birds clearly prefer to build their nests inside capital R’s and capital A’s.

UPDATE: If you see a photo that you think fits into Type Nesting, please send the URL to dubster2k{at}yahoo.com.

9 thoughts on “Type Nesting – The About page

  1. but how to submit new photos?
    mike haeg, i like the “like birds? hate the government” signage you’ve got there. nice birdhouses!

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