The loneliness of a middle distance runner

On Sunday morning I went for an early morning bike ride and stumbled upon a race. It was a half marathon. The runners were going south on Michigan Ave. and turning left on Roosevelt. I stood there, and watched just past the table where the runners are given a cup of water. It was a way to do people watching at a fast pace. The sound of hundreds of the tossed cups hitting the pavement was eerie. It sounded like what I imagine would be the sound of a hail storm from the inside of house made out of bamboo.
greg costello
I stood at the wrong side of the sun but I still like the way this photo came out. I wanted to look at the photographs that the media took of the event to see their take. For some reason I thought that a half marathon was a big deal. It is not. The only relevant thing that came up in Google was a Canadian site about running.

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