Sir John Lithgow

Nation, it is not a secret that am a big fan of the Colbert report. As a matter of fact I professed that fandom in a form of a graphic. There is a comment in clip below that made me laugh very hard, Stephen Colbert is referring to the actor John Lithgow as sir John Lithgow. I like the fact that writers of the show choose to knight him because it worked well with the comic bit.

Last week the knighthood of a banker was stripped. He was not accused of a crime, He just made some bad business decisions that led to a loss of jobs. This odd incident reminded me of the clip above. For some reason in other times when John Lithgow was mentioned in the colbert report he was not referred to as Sir which made me sad. I think it fits with the shows hyper patriotic sentiment to mock the English monarchy. I wonder why the writers did not call him sir again. My wild guess is that John Lithgow objected. Why do I think that? Gut feeling.

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