cheap trick

A friend posted on social media that he needed someone with photoshop skills to manipulate a photo for his transportation blog . He had a photo of the band Cheap Trick riding two tandem bicycles and he wanted the bicycles replaced with green modern none tandem bikes (Lime bikes) . Very ambitious. I suggested a compromise that was achieved in few minutes. I just stylishly colored the existing tandem bikes in green. It works as an illustration. The result is here.

The sad quesadilla.

I don’t have a Yelp account so I’ll go on tirade over here.
It’s about a quesadilla from a restaurant called Spanglish on the corner of State and Harrison.
It was a sad quesadilla. It had the lure of an ironing board. This sad quesadilla met the minimum requirement of being a called quesadilla. I imagine that it is the kind of quesadilla they serve at a juvenile detention center on “Mexican night” when the guy serving the food wears a hat that could pass as a sombrero.
It was a sad quesadilla. I did not know if I should eat it or wipe my tears with it. I eventually ate it to drown my sorrow.
Call me old fashioned but I believe that quesadilla were put on god’s green earth to spread joy. This sad quesadilla didn’t.

Originally posted on my Facebook profile on November 20, 2013 16:27 It was moved here because I deleted it from there.

Quatrefoil or how I saw something wrong on the internet and attempted to correct it

On my social media stream I saw a post that included an image titled Home Decor Prints and Patterns Glossary. I found it interesting since I was not familiar with the term and familiar with the patterns. I compared the list with the popular CSS3 Patterns Gallery a site that lists patterns and how can they be made using just CSS. The Quatrefoil was not in it so I made it.
[codepen_embed height=”265″ theme_id=”0″ slug_hash=”xpRbGO” default_tab=”css,result” user=”Dubi_Kaufmann”]See the Pen Quatrefoil by Dubi Kaufmann (@Dubi_Kaufmann) on Your ad blocking/privacy setting might be in the way [/codepen_embed]
The CSS3 Patterns Gallery is on github so made a pull request with the addition. So far no response. I am sure the site gets a lot of submissions so I don’t count on it.
There is a 99% invisible episode on the qutrefoil.


In a previous version of this site I had a blog that was pretty neglected most of the time. Today I am starting from scratch and declaring that I will publish at least once a week. This declaration is a commitment device. To save face I will make an effort to keep this promise.