cheap trick

A friend posted on social media that he needed someone with photoshop skills to manipulate a photo for his transportation blog . He had a photo of the band Cheap Trick riding two tandem bicycles and he wanted the bicycles replaced with green modern none tandem bikes (Lime bikes) . Very ambitious. I suggested a compromise […]

The sad quesadilla.

I don’t have a Yelp account so I’ll go on tirade over here. It’s about a quesadilla from a restaurant called Spanglish on the corner of State and Harrison. It was a sad quesadilla. It had the lure of an ironing board. This sad quesadilla met the minimum requirement of being a called quesadilla. I […]

Closing event for TrophyCtober

Every day for 30 days starting October 2nd 2018 I made trophy and posted it to my Instagram account (dubster2k) . The trophies are now on display at the wasteshed A resale shop with an area for displaying art made out recycled materials. There will will a closing reception on February 1st and I will […]


In a previous version of this site I had a blog that was pretty neglected most of the time. Today I am starting from scratch and declaring that I will publish at least once a week. This declaration is a commitment device. To save face I will make an effort to keep this promise.