Dylome is a desktop application for Macintosh that manipulates a sound file. The name DYLOME is the word MELODY broken into syllables (me-lo-dy) and reassembled in reverse order. The application does a similar thing to sound files. It breaks them down into small chunks and puts them together in reverse order. The most ear-pleasing results happen when the slicing matches the beat of the music. Below are some examples of the results when the input is a popoular song. This app was created out of curiosity. I asked myself: "I wonder what it would sound like if...?" At first it was a Javascript that generated a text that was imported into Final Cut Pro as an editing decision list. It was cumbersome, to say the least. Later it was a command line, but now it is user-friendly.
This app works for OSX 10.7; its core is a shell script that uses a compiled ffmpg. The OSX interface was added to replace the original command line use.
There is also an online version of Dylome ported to ruby by Kurt Preston with the code